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Magnesium oxide is a bending, pressure resistant, high strength, gas hard, cementing material, widely used in national defense, medicine, chemical industry, paper making, shipbuilding and other industries. In the building materials industry can be made of tire board, particle board, insulation column, railing, artificial marble, asbestos tile, ordinary tile, wall board, laying ground. With the progress of science and technology, magnesium oxide is more widely used. Firecracker magnesium oxide is a special material for making firecrackers.

Magnesium oxide (MgO) commonly known as diamond bitter soil, light burning powder, magnesium oxide powder. Density 2.94, white powder

The end. Melting point 2852℃, boiling point 3600℃. Soluble in acid and ammonium salts, insoluble in water and ethanol. The specific surface area is 180m2/g when the calcination temperature is 400℃. At 1300℃, the specific surface area is only 3m2/g. It is easily deliquescent in air. It belongs to the gas-hard cementing materia

MGO Magnesium Oxide

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