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Fischer-Tropsch Wax-70 Flake

Fischer-tropsch wax, with different appearance powder, granular, flake. Used in Candle, FT Wax for PVC Stabilizer ,Coating Auxiliary Agents, Electronics Chemicals
  • melting point 108-112

  • HS Code 27129090

Product Description

Fischer-Tropsch wax is a methylene polymer, which is an alkane from hydrocarbon based syngas or natural gas.

GradeGrade oneResult
AppearanceWhite flakeWhite flake
Softening pointºC60-8072

Hot melt adhesive:
F.T wax with the characteristics of narrow distribution of MW, high melting point, low viscosity, fast solidification, has good compatibility with EVA resin and petroleum resin, has good thermal stability, will not change color in a few hours under 180°C baking. Suitable to be used in hot melt coating, can replace the imported products.
Color masterbatch, masterbatch:
F.T wax with narrow distribution of MW,odorless, suitable for masterbatch, it has very good wettability with pigments and fillers, and can reduce the viscosity of LDPE resin, can significantly reduce the processing current in production, so it can save energy.
Other fields:
Processing agent of other plastics and can be used to make some special waxes.

packing in 25kg/bag

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