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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

For purifying in the manufacturing of sugar, drug, drinks and wine. For wastewater treatment and in the decolorizing, refining and purifying of organic solvents.for decoloring and impurities removal of medicine, food additive, chemical industry, beverage and so on. Moreover, powder activated carbon can used in water purification.
  • 6*12mesh or 8*16mesh Iodine 1050mg/G

  • 3802109000

Product Description
The particle shape of gold extraction activated carbon is full, uniform, greatly improved the wear strength of the product, no need to perform pre-ground after entering the factory, can be used directly after water is washed. High-quality activated carbon is vital to the gold extraction operation. Using activated carbon of optimal hardness minimizes fines and recovers more gold. Our coconut shell activated carbon is used extensively in Carbon in Column (CIC), Carbon in Pulp (CIP) and Carbon in Leach (CIL) applications.


Particle Size(mesh)4-8, 6-12, 5*10
CTC  (%)50-65
Hardness (%)≥ 98
Moisture (%)≤5
Iodine Value (mg/g)900-1000
Ratio Surface Area(m2/g)990-1100
Packing Density (g/cm³)0.45-0.55

Characteristics of activated carbon for gold recovery


Activated carbon is generally packed with 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag with or without pallet. We can also customize packages according to clients' needs.Product Packing and Delivery:
  1. Big bag :500kg/600kg jumbo bag

  2. Small bag:25kg/20kg PP bag

  3. 25kg Kraft paper bag

  4. According to your requirements

    Shipping :
    1.20GP FCL :10-16TONS
    2.40GP FCL: 20-26TONS
    3.40HQ FCL:22 TONS or 26 TONS
   The above quantity without pallet ,the goods will be sent within 7-15days after receiving your order

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