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CP 52 for Cable

Chlorinated Paraffin CP52 is pure white liquid oil. 
Product Description

Product Application
1).Medical PVC plastic
2). Soft PVC pipe & hose
3). PVC sheets
4). PVC compound
5). PVC toys
6). PVC fimls
7). PVC flooring 
8). PVC footwear 
9). PU running track

Chlorinated Paraffin CP52 is pure white liquid oil. It is widely used as flame retardants and secondary plasticizers in PVC products as its flame retardant, low volatility, stable chemical condition and good insulation etc. This makes it to keep the quality and save cost at the same time. By proper using, we ensure it will bring you great profit and excellent goods.

Thermal DecompositionºC160min160170180
Reflective Index             --1.5min1.5081.5081.51
Heating on loss (130ºC, 2h)%0.25max0.250.200.15
Viscosity (50ºC, mpa.s)180max180160140
Chlorine Conten%             52min                 52                52                 52
AppearanceYellowish to colorless transparent oily liquid

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