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Black Masterbatch for Drainage Pipeline

Black masterbatch for drainage pipeline is an economical color masterbatch. It is made of recycled PE and PP as carriers and processed with carbon black and dispersant. The product has uniform appearance, good dispersibility, stability and heat resistance.
Product Description

Carrier: PE/PP

Carbon black content: 10%--50%

Melting index 21.6KG/200℃: 1-40ɡ/10min

Carbon black model: N220/N326/N330/N550

Phase fusibility: PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PS

Solution temperature: 140℃-200℃

Addition Ratio: 2%-10% is recommended


High concentration, uniform brightness, uniform dispersion and strong dyeing power.

Proportion of application:

According to customer demand for the product appearance, adjust the amount of additions. The company recommends adding 2% - 10% technology, and 10% - 20% special products.

Physical properties:

Black Masterbatch for Drainage Pipeline

Index Numerical value
Carrier PE/PP
Carbon black content 10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%
Carbon black model N220/N326/N330/N550
Melting index   21.6KG/200℃ 1-40ɡ /10min
Solution temperature 140℃-200℃
Phase fusibility PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PS


Drainage pipes, plastic cans, garbage cans, garbage bags, etc.


Paper-plastic composite bags, 25KG/bag net content, please store in the sun-shaded dry place

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